The Online Athlete Profile Versus the Traditional Athlete Profile

When we first starting thinking about college recruiting for my oldest son, one of the options was the traditional athlete profile.  This was essentially a one page resume that had his photo, accomplishments both on and off the field, community, etc.  A great idea.

So, we thought about it and we asked more questions.  And, what we found was surprising.

  1. Athlete profiles cost a lot of money.  We heard of prices ranging from $1oo to $300 and more.
  2. The profile is just the beginning of your expense.  Once you have your profile, the next thing you need is a DVD of your accomplishments on the field.  Add another $200 to 300.  That is just to produce the video and does not include the expense of making copies for the numerous letters that you would need to send out.  Add at least another $100
  3. Cost to mail the DVD’s and your athlete profile can reach $1 to $2 for each mailing.  If you market yourself to 100 schools that is another $100 to 200.

So, all told we could easily rack up nearly $1000 in expenses to market to college coaches.

That was enough for us to pursue another path – the online athlete profile.  We built a website for my son, included all of the traditional information and made our own videos and placed them on the site by linking to youtube.

The cost to do this is $5 per month through  That’s right, we took my son’s website, made it better and are now offering this service to all high school athletes, any sport, for just $5 per month.

We will show you where to find all of the college coaches online for $30 per year.

So, the new total to market yourself to college coaches is under $100 versus $1000 for a traditional athlete profile.

Give our service a try. If you are not completely satisfied, we will give you your money back – no questions asked.  Visit today.  Learn why more and more athletes are choosing to market themselves to college coaches with our online athlete profile.