The Holiday Break is a Great Time to Get Ready for College Recruiting – Part 1

With the Holidays upon us, now is a great time to take some time to organize your college recruiting approach and get ready to start marketing yourself to college coaches.

Think of Yourself as a Product

When Marketing a product, the first thing you have to think about is what that product offers (you) and how that matches the target customer (a college coach) and how it’s going to make their life better (wins):

– If you’re a fullback, it could be size, the ability to block and strength

– If you’re a running back, size, strength, speed, ability to change direction and hands for that swing pass

– If you’re a point guard, the ability to lead, distribute the ball, take is to the hoop and create for other players

– If you’re a 2 guard, the ability to get open and knock down the three

– If you’re a pitcher, a fastball that moves up and in, a 12-6 curve ball or a cutter that moves down and away and forces a lot of ground balls

These are just a few examples.  These can be applied to every high school sport and position.  The point is that you need to determine what it is that sets you apart from other players and getting that crystal clear in your mind so that when you get the chance to speak to a college coach, you can clearly articulate what you bring to the table and how that is going to help him or her win games.

It’s similar in the product world.  If you think about some of the things that you have purchased, what is it that made you purchase them?  Think about your cell phone or your computer.  List all of the things that set it apart from the other products you considered.  Now, put yourself in the college coach’s position and think of all the “cell phones” (players at your position) and how you are a better choice than your competition.   In marketing, we call that a USP or Unique Selling Proposition.

So, the assignment is for you to go to work on thinking through that.  If you want to learn more about USP’s, just type “Unique Selling Proposition” into Google and see what comes up.  Then, spend some time and develop your unique selling proposition.

In Part 2 later this week, we’ll discuss what to do with your USP as you develop your profile.

Happy Holidays to all of you.  Enjoy the time with your families and friends.