Zach Kendall signs letter of intent to pitch for BGSU

By David Fong
Regional Sports Editor

TROY – If Zach Kendall hopes to feast on college hitters next year, he’s first going to have to do a little feasting, period.

“I’m eating a ton,” said Kendall, a senior pitcher for the Troy High School baseball team who officially signed his national letter of intent to pitch at Bowling Green State University Friday during a ceremony at the school. He’ll pitch for the Trojans this spring before leaving for Bowling Green in the fall of


2014. “I’m eating double lunches every day. I’m eating every chance I get.”

Even though he currently packs only 142 pounds on his 6-foot-2 frame, Kendall already has developed into one of the top pitchers in the Greater Western Ohio Conference North Division. Last spring for the Trojans, he appeared in 11 games, going 6-4 with one save. His record, however, belies his true dominance. In just 59.2 innings of work, Kendall recorded 69 strikeouts, tops in the GWOC North, and finished with a 2.35 earned run average, third in the GWOC North.

“Without a doubt, he’s got all the tools to pitch at the Division I level right now,” Troy coach Ty Welker said. “He’s got a lot of natural talent. He’s just got to grow. He’s got to get bigger. His talent has never been in question. He’s a kid who has always put in the work. He’s a great kid. For him to have this opportunity is a real credit to him and his parents.”

Even with his slight frame, Kendall has a fastball that already has been clocked at 85 miles per hour. Troy High School pitching coach said if Kendall can pack on another 30 or 40 pounds, his fastball could easily get into the 90s – and that should make a huge difference at the next level.

“He’s just starting to scratch the surface of what he can do,” Murray said. “He’s playing at about 150 now and already throwing in the mid-80s. He’s already got pretty good stuff. Now he just needs to fill out.”

Murray, of all people, should know. When he graduated from Troy High School in 1991 and signed with the University of Michigan, he weighed just 160 pounds. He was able to put on 30 pounds in college and was eventually drafted by the San Diego Padres and was a Major League Baseball pitcher for five years.

“I was able to add about 7 miles per hour just by gaining weight and getting older and stronger,” Murray said. “And all he’ll do in college is focus on pitching. They’ll have him lifting and running and pitching. That’s going to be his whole life.”

Up until now, baseball has been his whole life. Kendall said he’s dreamed of becoming a college pitcher since he was 5 years old.

“This is all I’ve ever wanted to do,” he said. “This has always been dream. All I’ve wanted to do since I was a little kid.”

Still, though, Kendall said he didn’t know for sure if that dream would ever come true until this past summer, when he started hearing from college coaches. Wright State was the first program to call him, but certainly not the last.

“It was a shock,” Kendall said of his first call from a college coach. “I really didn’t know how to handle it. It’s hard to explain.”

The offers would continue to roll in through the summer as Kendall pitched for the Raptors Elite Baseball Club. In addition to Wright State and Bowling Green, Kendall also was hearing from Akron, Indiana and Morehead State. In the end, though, Kendall felt as though BGSU would be the best fit for him.

“I loved the campus and the coaches,” he said. “I really enjoyed my official visit. I enjoyed being around all the players. I can’t wait to get on campus.”

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The College Recruiting Process

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Here is a link to a radio interview we did with Al Woods of Woods Recruiting on the college recruiting process.  This is an in-depth radio interview which walks the listener through all of the information you will need to land a college scholarship.


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Putting Together An Athlete Profile

The Athlete Profile

A question that I get frequently is “how long does it take to put together an athlete profile”?  The answer is less than 48 hours.  How?  Read on…..

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College Recruiting

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John – What You Should Include in Your Athlete Profile

The Athlete Profile

Preparing to be recruited by college coaches is a very important task.  It is extremely important to you include enough information for a college coach to become interested and then ask you to take the next step – a college visit.

So, we will talk about what you need to include in your athlete profile in this article.

The Basics

  • Profile picture
  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • High School
  • Height
  • Weight

Academic Achievements

  • GPA
  • Class Rank

Extracurricular Activities

Include any other activities that you are participating in including:

  • Student Government
  • National Honor Society
  • Your Church
  • Other Community Involvement

Your Story

I highly recommend that you write a brief but informational life story about yourself.  The story should be about you as an athlete, a student and an individual.  Write what sets you apart in all three areas.  Write confidently but not selfishly.  Remember, you are a team player but it is important to tell the story of how hard you have worked and applied yourself


Include multiple pictures of yourself in action and making great plays.  Find those photos that show off your physical abilities


This is hugely important – maybe the most important thing when it comes to recruiting.  Put together a 3 – 4 minute video of your accomplishments athletically so a coach can see you at “game speed.”  We can help you or there are many other options.  Or, you can do it yourself.  We have a whole article dedicated to the subject by clicking here:


Also a big deal.  Get your references lined up and committed to help you.  And, make sure these are people who are going to be recognized by a college coach.  Your high school coaches, teachers, summer coaches, etc. are excellent references to pull together.  Of course, if you know an alumni from the school you are interested, another great source of support.

Contact Information

Make it easy for coaches to get in touch with you.  We have a contact page on our websites which make it very easy for a coach to get in touch.

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The Online Athlete Profile Versus the Traditional Athlete Profile

When we first starting thinking about college recruiting for my oldest son, one of the options was the traditional athlete profile.  This was essentially a one page resume that had his photo, accomplishments both on and off the field, community, etc.  A great idea.

So, we thought about it and we asked more questions.  And, what we found was surprising.

  1. Athlete profiles cost a lot of money.  We heard of prices ranging from $1oo to $300 and more.
  2. The profile is just the beginning of your expense.  Once you have your profile, the next thing you need is a DVD of your accomplishments on the field.  Add another $200 to 300.  That is just to produce the video and does not include the expense of making copies for the numerous letters that you would need to send out.  Add at least another $100
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So, all told we could easily rack up nearly $1000 in expenses to market to college coaches.

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The Athlete Profile – When Does College Recruiting Start

I have written on college recruitingc before but thought it would be a good idea to do it again.  One of the questions I get often is when to start preparing your athlete for college recruiting.  My answer is the sooner the better.  Not that you are necessarily going to send their athlete profile to college coaches when they are in seventh grade, but you should start documenting their career through photos, videos, news stories, etc. right now.  Then, when they reach high school, you can begin the marketing process and get your athlete noticed!

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