Announces New Sports Highlight Video Division

We are announcing the opening of our newest division – will focus solely on producing sports highlight videos for high school athletes who want to showcase their skills to college coaches.

As our business has continued to grow, we felt the time was right to create a new brand which works hand in hand with and extend the reach of both entities.

Of course, we strongly believe that both a professional website and professionally produced sports highlight videos will increase the chances for high school athletes to get on the radar of college coaches, secure a college recruiting visit and potentially earn a college scholarship.  With these two services, we are bringing unbeatable value to families to help them answer the question of whether or not their athlete can play at the next level.

Visit today and let’s get started!


High School Athlete Recruiting Video: Creating Your Own Sports Highlight Video

High School Athlete Recruiting Video

In order for you to be recruited by college coaches as a high school athlete, you will need to develop an Athlete Recruiting highlight video which shows what your capabilities are.Athlete Recruiting Video

A lot of people I talk to seem a little overwhelmed by the thought of pulling together a highlight video.  Thoughts come to mind like:

– Creating a highlight video is really expensive.  I need the best equipment, etc.

– How do I know which shots are the most important?

– Once I have the video, how do I pull it together?

– How long should the video be?

I’m sure there are many more….

What I want to do in this article is help reduce the anxiety of creating a highlight video for your high school athlete.

Let’s start with the basics.

Athlete Recruiting Videos[/caption]

Not rocket science here.  But, what is misunderstood is that your camera doesn’t have to cost $2000.

I have personally used a Sony DVD camera and my personal phone to film all of my sons videos.

Some can be taken on a tri-pod and some are hand held.  Depends on the athlete’s sport and position.  You can get a camera that does the job for less than $300.


Which Shots to Take

I think the most important thing here is just using common sense.  The best advice is to showcase your high school athlete in action in a way that would encourage a college coach to contact them and set up a recruiting visit. If your son is a running back, I’d highlight his best plays which showed acceleration, change of direction, catching the ball out of the backfield, blocking, etc.  Try to put yourself in the position of being the coach and try to imagine what he or she might want to see.

How to Pull the Video Together

Actually, a lot of options here.

First, you can buy video editing software for less than $100.  I have two that I have used.  First is for Windows and it is called Power Director.  Very inexpensive, highly featured and allows you to add your video, text, images and more to produce a high quality video.  Most of my son’s videos were produced in Power Director.

The other video editing software I use is iMovie on my Mac.  Very simple, highly featured and does a great job.  You cannot go wrong with either one.

Secondly, you can contact us and we will be happy to produce your video for you.  Just $99.   I have produced the videos for my sons and also for some of our athletes – an example is

Just get in touch if you would like a quote.  There are many other options available to you as well.

How Long Should the Athlete Recruiting Video Be?

I get asked this question a lot.  Rule of thumb from my perspective is 2 to 3 minutes.  Long enough to show everything you want to show but short enough to get to the point.  And, that brings me to another thought – when you are pulling in your clips into the video editor, cut them down so that you can see the play right away.  Don’t have the coach waiting for 10+ seconds to see the highlight.


We Produce Videos

At, we have had the privilege of producing many videos for aspiring college athletes.  We use a very straight forward approach and apply the principles listed above.  And, they work.  Our athletes get the attention of college coaches and get you where you need to be – in front of a coach at a college visit.

Check out some of our videos here:

So, hopefully I have given you some tips to help you get started and not to be overwhelmed by creating a athlete highlight video for recruiting.  This may be the single most important thing you can do to get exposure.  So, get started and take a shot!  And, if you need any help, just drop me a line.



An Athlete Profile is Your Best Marketing Tool

Athlete ProfileOnline Athlete Profiles

Many high school athletes dream of playing sports in college. But college athletics is a competitive business, with thousands of talented athletes vying for a limited number of spots.  An Athlete Profile is critical to getting noticed.

With so much at stake, how do you attract the attention of coaches and make a great impression?

Today’s College Recruiting Tool – the Athlete Profile

Most college coaches have limited funds for recruiting. They can’t afford to travel to every school to see every athlete.

Instead, they are using tools such as online athlete profiles to identify high school students who excel in their sport and in the classroom.

In fact, if you want to get recruited for college sports, an athlete profile is a necessity.

An athlete profile is a website that organizes and displays information about you. It gives coaches a real feel for who you are, as an athlete and as an individual.

Best of all, an athlete profile lets you market yourself in a cost-effective way. It’s easy to share your profile with coaches and recruiters, simply by sending them the link in an email.

What Goes into an Athlete Profile?

Your profile has different sections for the information that most recruiters need to know.

The home page is an overview of your athletic qualifications. You’ll want to upload a clear head shot photo where you are smiling – this gives a positive first impression.

The “about me” page is where you tell your story. Talk about your sports career and your academic record. Remember that college coaches are interested in more than just your athletic ability. They want to see evidence of good character. So mention your extra-curricular activities and outside interests, too.

The stats page is for detailed statistics from your athletic career. Include stats from past years to show how you’ve progressed as an athlete.

There’s a page in your profile for news stories about your performance in games or tournaments. If you have clippings from local or school papers, use them here.

Your athlete profile has room for photos and videos. Upload action photos of yourself making a great play or practicing your skills.

These days, video is an essential part of your athlete profile. Some coaches won’t even look at profiles without video. It truly is the best way to show off your talents. Upload videos of yourself training in your sport, as well as footage of actual games or events.

If you have letters of recommendation from high school coaches or teachers, you can upload them to the appropriate section.

Finally, provide contact information so that recruiters can get in touch with you. Double-check that it’s accurate.

Tips for Creating an Outstanding Athlete Profile

Put time and effort into your profile. Be sure to fill out every section completely. Don’t leave gaps.

Show yourself in the best light. Make sure that prospective coaches know about your unique talents and accomplishments. But don’t exaggerate or lie about anything.

Video is extremely powerful. Coaches need to see enough footage to evaluate your skills, but they don’t have time to watch an entire game. Choose video footage that clearly demonstrates your strengths. If you don’t have access to a video camera, you can shoot great footage with a cell phone.

Keep your profile updated with the most recent information and stats. Upload new photos and videos, and revise your story as needed.


If you’re a high school athlete who aspires to play at the next level, you must take steps to market yourself. Don’t wait for recruiters to find you. Reach out and email coaches at the colleges of your choice.

A professional-looking athlete profile from is an inexpensive and effective marketing tool that will help you get noticed – and increase your chances of being recruited.  Here is a link to one of our best profiles of all time

The Holiday Break is a Great Time to Get Ready for College Recruiting – Part 2

In this post, we’ll talk about your USP or Unique Selling Proposition.  This is a marketing term that companies use when crafting their marketing strategies.  It seeks to define what separates their product from all of the others on the market.  It will work in college recruiting too!

So, with that said, you’ll need to think through what sets you apart and then how you update your site to reflect your USP.  When you’re thinking this through, think in terms of your target customer – a college coach so that you can get recruited.

Let’s take a quick example of a running back in football.

Your target customer is looking for someone who is:

Fast – Speed is the number one thing a college coach will be looking for in a running back.

Size – You get even more attention if you are FAST and BIG.  Think of Bo Jackson.  A big, punishing running back with incredible speed.

Strength – Legs in particular but upper body strength would also be important.

Balance and the Ability to Change Direction – Think of Barry Sanders.  He made some of the most unbelievable plays with his change of direction.  You can go online and see countless clips of this and still be able to keep his balance.

Intelligence – Coaches like smart players – on and off the field.  So, if you have not only football smarts but classroom smarts, you can set yourself apart.

Durability – College football is a punishing game.  If you’re injury prone or don’t keep yourself in top physical condition, you’re not likely to get a look at a top tier D1 school.  If, on the other hand, you are durable and really stay in top shape, a big plus.

This is just a quick example.  But, enough to craft a USP.

A USP for an athlete that checks these boxes might look something like “Big, strong, punishing back with world class speed and intelligence to match.”

So, if you check all of those boxes above, then you’ll want to target  your website and highlight how you measure against those things.  But, how?

Front page – Best to put your key stats right on the front page.  Publish your height/weight, 40 yard dash time, vertical leap, bench press, squat, etc.  The right stats will get the attention of the coach.  And, you have about 15 seconds on that front page to do that.  So, make it count.  Remember, your goal is to get an interview or visit with the college and everything you do should be squarely aimed at that goal.

About Me Page – Here’s where you’ll add in the story behind the stats on the front page and add in more details of how you measure up to the USP.  Talk about what you do in the off-season to get stronger, faster, etc.  Tell a story of dedication and how you have worked your whole life and high school career to prepare for a college career.  Also, talk about the kind of teammate you are and how your leadership will be a difference maker.

Schedule and Stats – Really a good idea to have thorough stats here.  By game and season is a great idea.

Video – Any great product gets more exposure and credibility with third party endorsements.  Nothing will speak louder than a highlight video backing up what you said in the “About Me” page.  So, you need to spend a lot of time finding the right plays and pack them into a 2 – 3 minute video that will show the college coach that you are someone they should consider.

News – On the news page, you should include as many articles as possible where the local media has written about you.  You can cut and paste that right into your profile or link to the article from your site.  Very powerful testimonials from an unbiased source can help you.

Your Email to a College Coach – You need to write an attention grabbing headline which gets the coach interested in looking at your site.  You can even borrow heavily from your USP to write the email which might look something like this:

In the Subject Line  – 6’2″, 215 lb. Running back with 4.4 speed.

“Dear (Coach Name) –

My name is XXXXX.  I am a Junior Running Back at West High School.  I am very interested in playing for (College Name) and believe I can make a difference and help you win games.  As you will see on my site, I have dedicated myself to becoming the best athlete and teammate I can be.  I know I still have a lot to learn and will commit myself to getting better if I am fortunate enough to make your roster.

On my website, (website here), you will get more information on my career and learn a little more about me as a person. 

I would welcome the opportunity to meet you and your staff.  I look forward to hearing from you.”

So, get started putting your USP together and if we can help you, drop us a line.





The Holiday Break is a Great Time to Get Ready for College Recruiting – Part 1

With the Holidays upon us, now is a great time to take some time to organize your college recruiting approach and get ready to start marketing yourself to college coaches.

Think of Yourself as a Product

When Marketing a product, the first thing you have to think about is what that product offers (you) and how that matches the target customer (a college coach) and how it’s going to make their life better (wins):

– If you’re a fullback, it could be size, the ability to block and strength

– If you’re a running back, size, strength, speed, ability to change direction and hands for that swing pass

– If you’re a point guard, the ability to lead, distribute the ball, take is to the hoop and create for other players

– If you’re a 2 guard, the ability to get open and knock down the three

– If you’re a pitcher, a fastball that moves up and in, a 12-6 curve ball or a cutter that moves down and away and forces a lot of ground balls

These are just a few examples.  These can be applied to every high school sport and position.  The point is that you need to determine what it is that sets you apart from other players and getting that crystal clear in your mind so that when you get the chance to speak to a college coach, you can clearly articulate what you bring to the table and how that is going to help him or her win games.

It’s similar in the product world.  If you think about some of the things that you have purchased, what is it that made you purchase them?  Think about your cell phone or your computer.  List all of the things that set it apart from the other products you considered.  Now, put yourself in the college coach’s position and think of all the “cell phones” (players at your position) and how you are a better choice than your competition.   In marketing, we call that a USP or Unique Selling Proposition.

So, the assignment is for you to go to work on thinking through that.  If you want to learn more about USP’s, just type “Unique Selling Proposition” into Google and see what comes up.  Then, spend some time and develop your unique selling proposition.

In Part 2 later this week, we’ll discuss what to do with your USP as you develop your profile.

Happy Holidays to all of you.  Enjoy the time with your families and friends.

John in the Washington Post was recently mentioned in an article about the college recruiting process.  Our athlete profiles are purpose built to help the high school athlete get noticed by college coaches and earn scholarships.  To get recruited, you have to get noticed.  Sending DVD’s through the mail is the “old school” way of tackling today’s recruiting challenges.  As this article points out, there are many options.  We believe, if you do the research, you will see that we offer the best value on the internet.  No hidden fees, a lifetime option for only $39 and the potential to earn thousands of dollars in college scholarships.

College Recruiting – Empower Your High School Athlete

One of the best things that you can do for your high school athlete is empower them to market themselves to college coaches.  As they move on in life, the ability to learn how to organize and market their talents will be key to ensuring their future success.

This is how we view the college recruiting process – an opportunity to learn a life skill.  The product is already on the market – the athlete themselves.  That product has features and benefits and a unique selling proposition – something that sets them apart.  It could be their speed, size, strength, skills, intelligence or a combination of all of them.

This is what must come out during the recruiting process for a high school athlete to get noticed.  College athletic recruiting is highly competitive.  The top tier athletes will definitely get noticed.  There is no way a 6′ 5″ 250 lb. linebacker who runs a 4.4 forty yard dash isn’t going to get attention.  Or a baseball player who is hitting .500 plus on top tier competition.  Scouts will find their way to those athletes – you can bet on it.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways for the next tier athlete to get attention.  The difference is they have to work for it.  And, since the spots on a college roster are limited, they have to work that much harder.  And smarter.

That is where comes in.  We give your athlete the platform to organize their career in a way that is simple for coaches to navigate and get the picture quickly and get what you are really looking for – an interview with a college coach.

Our profiles are organized in the following way:

Home Page – The key stats of the player – Sports stats, academic stats, height, weight, etc.

About Me – This is where the story begins to unfold.  This is where the athlete talks about what they’ve done – both on and off the field.  It’s not just about stats – it’s about character.

News – This is a great place to drop stories from your local newspaper or just simply updating coaches on the athlete.

Photos – Great place to put action photos of the athlete.

Videos – The most important thing in our opinion.  Gives coaches the athletic story right away.  Our site allows you to embed youtube videos right on the athlete’s website.  In fact, they play within the website itself.

Stats – We have developed a stat tool that allows you to customize the high school athlete’s statistics and publish them by game, by sport (yes multiple sports), by year – you make the choice.

Contact information – Quick and easy way for a coach to reach the athlete directly.

Think of the high school athlete website as a modern version of the college recruiting resume.  Instantly updated and you can make multiple contacts with coaches as stories are added.

Please look at our testimonials on the home page to see what people are saying about us.  We’ve been fortunate to have helped many athletes achieve their dream of playing at the next level.

Any questions?  Drop us a line.

Hope you are having a great season.

An Email You Should Read

I got an email yesterday from a prospective athlete’s father.

Is this a recruiting site that if I set up an account and build a site for my son I will get called by you guys trying to sell me more? Or do I just get the tools to do the work myself?

As you can see, simple and to the point.  I wanted to publish it because I think it asks a very important question that is on a lot of people’s minds when they are considering an athlete profile company.

The answer is simple:  We give you the tools to build a complete athlete Style2profile.  Nobody will call you or email you to try to sell you extra services.  Never.  Everything we offer is on the site.  The only other offering beyond our athlete profiles is an athlete video for $99 – far below what other companies charge for the same service.  We built this to make it possible to market the athlete for a fraction of what other companies charge.  We believe you can do this yourself!

When you enroll in a website, we do the following:

1 – Provide you with a high quality website which is custom made to showcase the athlete.

2 – Then, we provide step by step instructions to help you build your own story. We will even review your site for free (if you ask) and offer recommendations to make it better.

3 – We then refer you to a college coach directory ( – we are not affiliated with them and receive no referral fee)

4 – We offer you advice on how to write your email to a college coach to get their attention.

5 – And, we are there to help you should you have any questions.

All of this for a monthly fee of $8.95.  And, you can cancel anytime.

Please read our testimonials on the home page.  They tell the story.  I am happy to refer you to any of those clients so that you can hear directly from them.

Hope you are having a great season.  Please let us know if we can help!



New Website is Here!

We just launched our new website!  After listening to feedback from customers, we developed the site to be even easier to navigate and help potential clients understand the options available to them. continues to grow and we are thankful for the opportunity to expand our mission of providing high school athletes with a very high quality high school athlete website to showcase their talents to college coaches.  And, we are able to do that for a fraction of other web based recruiting companies.

We are in our third year of providing this service and the feedback from our clients has been fantastic and encouraged us to keep the mission moving ahead.

Of course, we always want to hear about what we can do better, so send me an email and let me know how we’re doing!

Have a great day and an even better season!



Another Success Story! High School Athlete Websites Testimonial

We just received this email from one of our high school athletes who found success using our athlete profile websites.

Hi my name is Evan Stronach from North Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Using gave College coaches a central place where they could go see videos, stats, and all about myself as a player and as a person. It is easy to keep updated and very effective when it comes to sending emails to coaches. I emailed and talked to an uncountable number of coaches looking for the right school and am very close to securing my post secondary school for the next four years. helped me get to where I am today and I suggest all athletes, wanting to play College sports, use it to fulfill their dreams as I have done.

Thank you!