An Athlete Profile is Your Best Marketing Tool

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Many high school athletes dream of playing sports in college. But college athletics is a competitive business, with thousands of talented athletes vying for a limited number of spots.  An Athlete Profile is critical to getting noticed.

With so much at stake, how do you attract the attention of coaches and make a great impression?

Today’s College Recruiting Tool – the Athlete Profile

Most college coaches have limited funds for recruiting. They can’t afford to travel to every school to see every athlete.

Instead, they are using tools such as online athlete profiles to identify high school students who excel in their sport and in the classroom.

In fact, if you want to get recruited for college sports, an athlete profile is a necessity.

An athlete profile is a website that organizes and displays information about you. It gives coaches a real feel for who you are, as an athlete and as an individual.

Best of all, an athlete profile lets you market yourself in a cost-effective way. It’s easy to share your profile with coaches and recruiters, simply by sending them the link in an email.

What Goes into an Athlete Profile?

Your profile has different sections for the information that most recruiters need to know.

The home page is an overview of your athletic qualifications. You’ll want to upload a clear head shot photo where you are smiling – this gives a positive first impression.

The “about me” page is where you tell your story. Talk about your sports career and your academic record. Remember that college coaches are interested in more than just your athletic ability. They want to see evidence of good character. So mention your extra-curricular activities and outside interests, too.

The stats page is for detailed statistics from your athletic career. Include stats from past years to show how you’ve progressed as an athlete.

There’s a page in your profile for news stories about your performance in games or tournaments. If you have clippings from local or school papers, use them here.

Your athlete profile has room for photos and videos. Upload action photos of yourself making a great play or practicing your skills.

These days, video is an essential part of your athlete profile. Some coaches won’t even look at profiles without video. It truly is the best way to show off your talents. Upload videos of yourself training in your sport, as well as footage of actual games or events.

If you have letters of recommendation from high school coaches or teachers, you can upload them to the appropriate section.

Finally, provide contact information so that recruiters can get in touch with you. Double-check that it’s accurate.

Tips for Creating an Outstanding Athlete Profile

Put time and effort into your profile. Be sure to fill out every section completely. Don’t leave gaps.

Show yourself in the best light. Make sure that prospective coaches know about your unique talents and accomplishments. But don’t exaggerate or lie about anything.

Video is extremely powerful. Coaches need to see enough footage to evaluate your skills, but they don’t have time to watch an entire game. Choose video footage that clearly demonstrates your strengths. If you don’t have access to a video camera, you can shoot great footage with a cell phone.

Keep your profile updated with the most recent information and stats. Upload new photos and videos, and revise your story as needed.


If you’re a high school athlete who aspires to play at the next level, you must take steps to market yourself. Don’t wait for recruiters to find you. Reach out and email coaches at the colleges of your choice.

A professional-looking athlete profile from is an inexpensive and effective marketing tool that will help you get noticed – and increase your chances of being recruited.  Here is a link to one of our best profiles of all time