College Recruiting – Empower Your High School Athlete

One of the best things that you can do for your high school athlete is empower them to market themselves to college coaches.  As they move on in life, the ability to learn how to organize and market their talents will be key to ensuring their future success.

This is how we view the college recruiting process – an opportunity to learn a life skill.  The product is already on the market – the athlete themselves.  That product has features and benefits and a unique selling proposition – something that sets them apart.  It could be their speed, size, strength, skills, intelligence or a combination of all of them.

This is what must come out during the recruiting process for a high school athlete to get noticed.  College athletic recruiting is highly competitive.  The top tier athletes will definitely get noticed.  There is no way a 6′ 5″ 250 lb. linebacker who runs a 4.4 forty yard dash isn’t going to get attention.  Or a baseball player who is hitting .500 plus on top tier competition.  Scouts will find their way to those athletes – you can bet on it.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways for the next tier athlete to get attention.  The difference is they have to work for it.  And, since the spots on a college roster are limited, they have to work that much harder.  And smarter.

That is where comes in.  We give your athlete the platform to organize their career in a way that is simple for coaches to navigate and get the picture quickly and get what you are really looking for – an interview with a college coach.

Our profiles are organized in the following way:

Home Page – The key stats of the player – Sports stats, academic stats, height, weight, etc.

About Me – This is where the story begins to unfold.  This is where the athlete talks about what they’ve done – both on and off the field.  It’s not just about stats – it’s about character.

News – This is a great place to drop stories from your local newspaper or just simply updating coaches on the athlete.

Photos – Great place to put action photos of the athlete.

Videos – The most important thing in our opinion.  Gives coaches the athletic story right away.  Our site allows you to embed youtube videos right on the athlete’s website.  In fact, they play within the website itself.

Stats – We have developed a stat tool that allows you to customize the high school athlete’s statistics and publish them by game, by sport (yes multiple sports), by year – you make the choice.

Contact information – Quick and easy way for a coach to reach the athlete directly.

Think of the high school athlete website as a modern version of the college recruiting resume.  Instantly updated and you can make multiple contacts with coaches as stories are added.

Please look at our testimonials on the home page to see what people are saying about us.  We’ve been fortunate to have helped many athletes achieve their dream of playing at the next level.

Any questions?  Drop us a line.

Hope you are having a great season.