An Email You Should Read

I got an email yesterday from a prospective athlete’s father.

Is this a recruiting site that if I set up an account and build a site for my son I will get called by you guys trying to sell me more? Or do I just get the tools to do the work myself?

As you can see, simple and to the point.  I wanted to publish it because I think it asks a very important question that is on a lot of people’s minds when they are considering an athlete profile company.

The answer is simple:  We give you the tools to build a complete athlete Style2profile.  Nobody will call you or email you to try to sell you extra services.  Never.  Everything we offer is on the site.  The only other offering beyond our athlete profiles is an athlete video for $99 – far below what other companies charge for the same service.  We built this to make it possible to market the athlete for a fraction of what other companies charge.  We believe you can do this yourself!

When you enroll in a website, we do the following:

1 – Provide you with a high quality website which is custom made to showcase the athlete.

2 – Then, we provide step by step instructions to help you build your own story. We will even review your site for free (if you ask) and offer recommendations to make it better.

3 – We then refer you to a college coach directory ( – we are not affiliated with them and receive no referral fee)

4 – We offer you advice on how to write your email to a college coach to get their attention.

5 – And, we are there to help you should you have any questions.

All of this for a monthly fee of $8.95.  And, you can cancel anytime.

Please read our testimonials on the home page.  They tell the story.  I am happy to refer you to any of those clients so that you can hear directly from them.

Hope you are having a great season.  Please let us know if we can help!