College Recruiting Process From a New Customer

The College Recruiting Process

We just received an enrollment from a football player in Anderson, South Carolina about the college recruiting Process.  What came along with the enrollment is what I thought I would share as to the value of a website.  Here is what his father had to say.

“We have reviewed other recruiting programs through (College Recruiting Service Name Omitted) and discovered them through Alexander attending a VTO football combine. And went through a lengthy interview with (College Recruiting Service Name Omitted) about Alexander. At the very end we were advised program levels and pricing. Your website was found by myself looking for a way to start Alexanders recruiting process and seemed a economical way to start that foundation.”

This note is why we started  You don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars hiring someone to “coach” you through the college recruiting process.  We will show you how and give you the tools you need for right around $100.

Join us as we open the eyes of prospects across America and now the world!  You can do this.  We are in this together.