Putting Together An Athlete Profile

The Athlete Profile

A question that I get frequently is “how long does it take to put together an athlete profile”?  The answer is less than 48 hours.  How?  Read on…..

The internet takes the traditional paper athlete profile and makes it obsolete.  In the past, you had to find someone to help you with your profile.  That process could take weeks while you gather up your information, send it to a company who helps you put it together and then work back and forth until it is ready.  Then, several more weeks as you send out letters and DVDs to coaches and then “wait and hope” to hear from them.

Today, you can go online (we believe prospectsites.com is a great place to go!), create an online athlete profile and then complete your own website and have it ready to be marketed within 48 hours.

All you need to do is have your information ready including your stats, your GPA, a list of references, news stories, photos and youtube videos and you can have a fully completed profile that a college coach can see and make the decision to add you to their recruiting efforts instantly.

And, we can prove it.  Join prospectsites.com and see how fast you can be live and ready to be recruited by college coaches.  Money back guarantee if we do not deliver!