The College Recruiting Process for High School Athletes

The college recruiting process is one of the most exciting times in a high school athlete’s life.  It is the time when all you have done to maximize your potential as a high school athlete intersects with the search process the colleges put in place to find athletes to make their teams better.

So, how do you get noticed?  Here are a few simple steps.PS_Logo_smtrans

  1. Produce a 3 – 4 minute highlight video of your accomplishments.  This does not require expensive camera equipment to get the job done.  Our athletes have been filmed with hand held cameras, cell phones and digital cameras which also record video.  Then all you need is video editing software like Power Director.  Once you create your video, upload it to youtube.
  2. Gather all your stats into a single document.  Stats are important and they demonstrate how you perform and importantly if you have improved over time.
  3. Get letters of recommendation.  These letters should be from coaches, teachers and other leaders in your life and should not only highlight your performance but your character and how you contribute to your community.
  4. Gather all of the articles that have been written about you.  These articles can go a long way toward telling your story to a college coach.  There is nothing better than being verified by a third party.
  5. Get your transcript.  Your grades are as important as your athletic ability ~ maybe more so.  Or, at a minimum, your grades can help a coach decide to select you over your competitor – assuming your athletic skills are comparable.

Now, that you have all of this ~ what do you do?
Build your online resume.  That is right – online.  We believe that developing a paper resume is yesterday’s answer to today’s recruiting challenge.  If you are submitting a typed profile through the mail you are getting lapped by your competition.

And that is where we come in.

You can upload all of the content just mentioned into your very own website and give coaches a link to your full story – online.

Out with the old and in with the new!  Get a athlete website today and learn how to market yourself to college coaches and be recruited.

Give us a call with any questions you may have.