Playing College Sports Begins Your Freshman Year in High School

I am on a plane from Portland, Oregon to Detroit and thinking about what I could say this week which would be impactful for young athletes who are interested in playing college sports. And, then I was reminded about a talk I gave a couple of weeks ago…..

I was asked by a friend of mine, Dan Tanto, to speak to his 14U baseball team about playing at the next level. Dan’s team is the Northmont Storm based out of Dayton, Ohio.

Dan is an excellent coach and a man of Faith. So, those boys are getting great coaching on two fronts.

Of course, I wanted to share with the boys and their parents. And, we did. But what we did which was far more important was to talk to them about the kind of young men that they needed to become and how that would help their chances of playing at the next level.

I am attaching the presentation from that meeting in the hopes that it will be of benefit to anyone reading this post. Because, as we all know, the key to marketing is to have a great product to begin with. And, that is what we impressed on these young men. And, while great athletic skills will take them far, they will go much farther with those skills and great character. Leadership, never quitting, team player, etc.

I would be happy to conduct a webinar for your team if that would be of benefit. There is no charge. If you are interested, please send me an email to

Have a great weekend!

Here is the presentation.    ProspectSites Overview – Website